The Scavenger's Daughter - Written and Performed by Colm Magner

“Brutal, poetic, darkly funny...and very Irish” (Ian Ferguson-winner of the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour)

“There will be no tears here unless you would like to see them, and in that case it’ll be an extra ten dollars. Pay the lady at the door. I’ll meet you at the pub, and for an extra fiver I’ll make the tears fall into my beer.” (The Scavenger’s Daughter, by Colm Magner)

Ar Dair Dog and Drama Co
Poor Mouth Theatre
collaborate to bring you an Encore Presentation of
Colm Magner's The Scavenger's Daughter.


December 1st and 2nd

8:00 P.M.

For Reservations call: 718-884- 8316


The Chris O’Neill Room at An Beal Bocht
445 West 238th Street
Bronx, New York, 10471


Canadian actor and writer Colm Magner

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Following its 2008 premiere in Prince Edward Island, veteran Canadian actor and writer Colm Magner brought his fifth solo play, The Scavenger’s Daughter, to New York for its U.S. premiere. Part mystery story, part personal memoir, and a true story of suicide, the play unravels in a series of vivid flashbacks as an Irish Catholic boy journeys to the funeral of his twin brother- a funny and affecting testament to lost youth, rock and roll, and the ties that bind.

Colm has been working in theatre, television, and film across Canada for over twenty five years. Credits include recurring roles on Street Time (Showtime USA), Wonderland (CBC Canada), and principal roles at the Shaw Festival Theatre in Niagara on the Lake. Colm has done extensive work with some of Canada’s most innovative theatre companies, including the renowned Da Da Kamera with Daniel MacIvor, DNA Theatre, Phyzical Theatre, and with D. D. Kugler of the Necessary Angel Theatre Company.


“In King City, all of the housewives went on Fridays to have their hair done. And when they were finished, and stepped out into the twirling afternoon sun, they all had the hair that doesn’t move look, and the face that constantly smiled look. But occasionally they stopped, and looked sadly down at the sidewalk; and as their neighbours’ shadows moved slowly by, they looked warily into the glass of the hardware store, and whispered: “What’s wrong?” (The Scavenger’s Daughter, by Colm Magner)

Photos by Dixie Sheridan

Colm Magner - The Scavenger's DaughterColm Magner - The Scavenger's Daughter Colm Magner - The Scavenger's Daughter


"This Irish-Canadian play is truly a remarkable piece of writing, and like many Irish plays it is infused with the tough soul of a 'never say die' attitude. It manages to convey both grit and sentimentality in the same breath, and Magner's delivery is strong and charismatic". (Markus Paminger. New York. 8.25.10.
"Magner is a terrific storyteller weaving the intricate strands of life into a cohesive and entertaining tapestry with all the vibrancy, insight, humour and vulnerability of the late Spalding Gray". (Colin Broderick-Author: Orangutan: A Memoir. New York. 8.22.10. The New York Times.)
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"The play is dark and irreverent, but never sorrowful or melancholic...Magner is a sharp, vivid storyteller, creating personas for his own character at many different ages. Strong stage presence" (Martin Denton. 8.25.10. New York.
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Colm Magner - The Scavenger's Daughter Colm Magner - The Scavenger's Daughter Colm Magner - The Scavenger's Daughter

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